Intentional Interim Ministry

Intentional Interim ministry is a spiritual discernment process of self-reflection, discovery, and clarification of God’s will, purpose, and direction. 


Intentional Interim ministers are usually experienced pastors who have served multiple congregations and have received specialized training in the dynamics of change and transition. Loren Mead and Roy Oswald of the Alban Institute designed the first training for interim ministry in 1974. Significant studies over the past 45 years have shown that this time of transition can strengthen the possibility that the congregation and newly called pastor can form a strong team. Congregations that make good use of this opportunity can find clarity, energy, perspective, and can prepare a healthy and hopeful stage to welcome a new pastor.


The heart of Intentional Interim ministry centers around five elements/focus points of congregational life - Heritage, Mission, Leadership, Connections, and Future.


Usually, a session appointed Transition Team/Mission Study Team designs and implements congregational engagement/discussion around each focus point. The Team, knowing the congregation, customizes the congregation’s engagement of the focus points to ensure maximum participation. The Intentional Interim serves a pastor/head of staff to the congregation and process coach to both the Transition Team and later if asked, to the PNC.

For more information on the Interim Process, you can view this video below.